So it is your turn to decide...

If you are still unsure and we completely understand if you are, lets face it, there are so many companies and different solutions out there, just remember the Plus Premier Exhibition Solution is:

  • Scalable - from 6 square meter stands up to 40 square metres plus!

  • Portable easily transported in a small van or estate car.

  • Re-configurable (Save £1000s by re designing your stand for your next event) 

  • Cost effective - prices starting from just £2,750 for smaller stands. This makes commercial sense, making our exhibition stand design one of the most cost effective solutions around! 

  • Self Build or full turnkey solution 
    We can provide full training and support to you and you can build your entire exhibition stand yourself, or if you wish we can install and dismantle your entire stand for you anywhere in the world, at any exhibition.

Your designs are completely FREE and carry no obligation.

So there is 100%  guaranteed, zero risk attached to filling out this form below and letting us show you your next exhibition stand...

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IF you are still unsure below are a few frequently asked questions that may be of interest: 

Q.  Can I reconfigure the Plus Premier Modular Exhibition System for my next show?
A. Yes, our unique system is completely reconfigurable. If you have booked 2, 3, 4 or have many shows, let our design team know and we can design your stand so it can be reconfigured for every show! This brings your costs of each exhibition down dramatically, meaning you can attend more exhibitions with your reconfigurable exhibition stand and attract more customers! 
Q.  Have fast can you produce my Exhibition Stand?       

Due to our unique business model where every single part of the design, manufacture and installation process is all taken care of by our in house team, we can turn a stand around from initial design right up to the installation process in around 5-7 working days. This requires 24 hour production, heaven and earth moving and a lot of overtime for the whole week. However we are more than happy to do this for you, so if you need a fantastic looking stand fast we can help you out, just give us a call on 01782 264110.


What assurances do I have that my stand will look unique, high quality and impressive at the exhibition?

A. We prebuild every stand that we produce at our production facility in the heart of the country, Stoke-on-Trent. We are more than happy for you to come and see the stand built and we can arrange a convenient date to do this. If you are building the stand yourself we actually insist that you come up when we are building your stand so that we can spend a day giving you training on assembly to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of you exhibition or event. 

Can I come and see some of your previous designs at your showroom?            


Of course! You are welcome anytime! Just call us on 01782 264110 to arrange an appointment, or if passing just drop in. If you would prefer us to contact you to arrange a meeting please follow this link: CLICK HERE

Q.  Can I see client reviews that are clearly not fabricated?       

At Plus Premier we ask every single one of our clients, no matter how big or small, to complete a very quick customer satisfaction survey, it literally takes minutes. But these minutes are vital to help us pinpoint any problems that are cropping up and address them as quickly and effectively as possible. You can read some of these surveys here: CUSTOMER REVIEWS

Or if you would like to speak to some of our previous clients over the phone we would be more than happy to pass you some contact details, you can call them or email them at your convenience, as we have such a good relationship with them they are more than happy to spend 5 minutes of their valuable time speaking to you. 

Q.  I want every single aspect of my stand to take place under one roof and supplied by one company, can you provide this? 

From the very first phone call, right up until the doors open at your exhibition, the completely in house, under one roof, Plus Exhibition team will take care of everything. From your initial 3D designs right up until the last graphic panel is put on your stand at your exhibition, one of our team will take care of you every step of the way.

We do not use any subcontractors as we want to know exactly what is happening and be in control of every step in the design, production and delivery process. 

This allows us, if needs be, to turn your stand around on incredibly tight deadlines, so if you are struggling to get your stand ready in time, just give us a call and let us show you what we can do. 

Q.  I am working with a tight budget, can you design something to suit my budget? 
A. One of the first questions we will ask you is what budget you have. This is not us being nosey and trying to squeeze every last penny out of you, this is because when designing an exhibition stand we can design something to fit a 4m x 5m space that costs around £4,000 or we can design something that costs around £25,000 which would waste both your and our time. So when it comes to budget don't worry we design every single stand individually to suit your needs, fit your specification and provide value for money. 
Q.  How do I get my FREE exhibition stand designs and visuals from you? 
A. Simply click here and fill out the form, then sit back and relax and let us do all the hard work for you.